54.30. pg_tables

The view pg_tables provides access to useful information about each table in the database.

Table 54.30. pg_tables Columns

Column Type


schemaname name (references pg_namespace.nspname)

Name of schema containing table

tablename name (references pg_class.relname)

Name of table

tableowner name (references pg_authid.rolname)

Name of table's owner

tablespace name (references pg_tablespace.spcname)

Name of tablespace containing table (null if default for database)

hasindexes bool (references pg_class.relhasindex)

True if table has (or recently had) any indexes

hasrules bool (references pg_class.relhasrules)

True if table has (or once had) rules

hastriggers bool (references pg_class.relhastriggers)

True if table has (or once had) triggers

rowsecurity bool (references pg_class.relrowsecurity)

True if row security is enabled on the table