51.52. pg_subscription

目錄 pg_subscription 包含所有現有訂閱的邏輯複寫。有關邏輯複寫的相關資訊,請參閱第 30 章

與大多數系統目錄不同,pg_subscription 在叢集的所有資料庫之間是共享的:每個叢集只有一個 pg_subscription,而不是每個資料庫一個。

普通使用者沒有權限讀取 subconninfo 欄位,因為該欄位可能包含純文字密碼。

Table 51.52. pg_subscription Columns

Column Type


oid oid

Row identifier

subdbid oid (references pg_database.oid)

OID of the database which the subscription resides in

subname name

Name of the subscription

subowner oid (references pg_authid.oid)

Owner of the subscription

subenabled bool

If true, the subscription is enabled and should be replicating.

subconninfo text

Connection string to the upstream database

subslotname name

Name of the replication slot in the upstream database (also used for the local replication origin name); null represents NONE

subsynccommit text

Contains the value of the synchronous_commit setting for the subscription workers.

subpublications text[]

Array of subscribed publication names. These reference the publications on the publisher server. For more on publications see Section 30.1.