III. PostgreSQL 伺服器應用程式

本部分包含 PostgreSQL 伺服器應用程式和支援的實用工具參考訊息。這些指令只能在資料庫伺服器所在的主機上有效運行。PostgreSQL 用戶端工具中列出了其他實用工具。
initdb — create a new PostgreSQL database cluster
pg_archivecleanup — clean up PostgreSQL WAL archive files
pg_checksums — enable, disable or check data checksums in a PostgreSQL database cluste
pg_controldata — display control information of a PostgreSQL database cluster
pg_ctl — initialize, start, stop, or control a PostgreSQL server
pg_resetwal — reset the write-ahead log and other control information of a PostgreSQL database cluster
pg_rewind — synchronize a PostgreSQL data directory with another data directory that was forked from it
pg_test_fsync — determine fastest wal_sync_method for PostgreSQL
pg_test_timing — measure timing overhead
pg_upgrade — upgrade a PostgreSQL server instance
pg_waldump — display a human-readable rendering of the write-ahead log of a PostgreSQL database cluster
postgres — PostgreSQL database server
postmaster — PostgreSQL database server